Fearne Cotton Biography

Fearne Cotton
Fearne Cotton (born 3 September 1981, in Northwood, London) is a British television presenter. Fearne grew up in the North-West London suburb of Eastcote and even in her early days stood out as a rare talent. Fearne Cotton began her presenting career in 1998 at the age of 16, with early morning GMTV children's show "Diggit", after being discovered in a talent search. She soon found herself fronting several children's programmes for CITV, including "Draw Your Own Toons" and "Mouse", a show aimed at encouraging children to use computers. In 2002 she presented "Finger Tips", an arts and crafts programme for children, with co-presenter Stephen Mulhern. Fearne soon branched out from ITV, and her association with CBBC began when she presented children's science programme, "Eureka TV". Her popularity with viewers won her a role as co-presenter on CBBC Sunday Morning show, "Smile", and before long, she was given the task of re-vitalising the ailing "The Saturday Show" for the BBC. Ironically, her former "Finger Tips" co-presenter, Stephen Mulhern was soon to present rival CITV Saturday Morning show "Ministry Of Mayhem". In 2003 she started presenting "Top Of The Pops Saturday" with her The Saturday Show co-presenter, Simon Grant. The same year she took part in "Comic Relief Does Fame Academy". In 2004 Fearne became the main presenter of "Top Of The Pops", which she now co-presents with a different guest presenter each week . She also narrates the popular CBBC Serious… documentary strand, as well as continuing to present various other children's programmes for the BBC, including "Only In America". In May 2005 she continued her association with Comic Relief when she hosted part of the "Red Nose Day" telethon. In July 2005 she made her career highlight to date, presenting Live8 in Hyde Park, London, where she found herself being chatted up by Robbie Williams. In November 2005 she hosted the BBC's annual telethon, "Children In Need" with Sir Terry Wogan and Natasha Kaplinsky. In September 2005 she joined Radio 1, to present the early morning slot with Reggie Yates who she had previously worked with on CBBC as a presenter, and co-star of Only In America and Top Of The Pops. In her spare time Fearne is a keen artist and hopes to hold an exhibition of her work in late 2006. She previously dated Fame Academy contestant, Peter Brame and Lostprophets's front man Ian Watkins for a period in 2004-2005. . He even dedicated the songs "4:00 AM Forever" and "All Ways, Allways" to her and has stated that they are the most personal lyrics he has ever written. Another of her ex-boyfriends, Peter Brame who was a Fame Academy singer, sold explicit details of their lovelife to a downmarket Sunday newspaper, describing how a cocaine addiction destroyed their relationship. She maintains that "He had to do it for his own reasons and I don't resent him for that."

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